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Freeda Editorial Illustrations

Over my time at Freeda when I wasn't working on branded campaigns I would spend my time supporting the editorial team by creating a range of illustration posts based around topics that Freeda cover editorially. These posts are generally lighthearted, playful and relatable to the target demographic of Gen-Z and millennial women and LGBTQ+ people. I chose to keep them somewhat simple so that they feel sharable and built a consistent, recognisable illustration style to help the brand grow in awareness.

Diary of a Bisexual Woman

This was a short comic that I researched, wrote and illustrated based on the "Diary of..." format that Freeda Spain developed. I wanted to use this format in the UK and approach it with a tone of voice that suited the UK audience better. I chose to cover the theme of bisexuality in the first comic as it was coming out around bisexual awareness week. I reached out and interviewed a couple of bisexual people I knew to develop the comic further as it wasn't an experience I could speak on behalf of. Once I had gathered research I decided to cover the early life of a bisexual woman and the stereotypes she would face and how she overcame them and found community in other people that had faced similar experiences. I designed the characters around friends of mine and illustrated a four frame, six panel comic.

Five Nicknames for Boobs

For this illustrated carousel I worked with an editorial writer in the UK team. We wanted to make a post that brings awareness to some of the absurd names for boobs in other countries and what they mean, poking fun at how silly some of these terms are. We decided to go down the route of drawing the terms and anthropomorphise them as it just brought more humour to the subject matter and created a post with individually sharable slides, so each slide stands alone as well as a collective piece.

I Love My Trans Body

I conceptualised, designed and illustrated this carousel for Trans Visibility Day, the concept was to create a piece celebrating trans people and empowering them with a body positive message. The carousels showcases a range of different trans people with the message "I love my trans body" over them. I wanted to create a diverse group of people so that any trans person within the Freeda audience can find someone that they feel represented by. I wanted to get this piece out there because there is a lot of body positive messages targeted towards cis-gendered people but not enough for transgender people. The gradient in the background is the colours of the trans-pride flag.