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Freeda x Mastercard - Welcome to Football

Welcome to Football is one of the largest campaigns I worked on over my time at Freeda Media. The goal of this multimedia campaign was pitched to Mastercard as an opportunity to shine a light on women’s football and give new fans a starting point on how to get involved with women’s football. 

Launch Carousel

The campaign launched with an illustrated social media carousel breaking down four key aspects of the football ecosystem, from grassroot teams to team supporters to professional players to pundits and commentators. I built the layout and design of this carousel from the copy I was supplied by an in-house writer. Each illustration was created to reflect the themes being discussed on each slide, whilst also keeping in touch with the brand values of both Freeda and Mastercard.​

Title Slate

Another aspect to the campaign was a four part video series for social media. The video series followed a Freeda host – who is a newfound women’s football fan – as they explore the full spectrum of the beautiful game, each episode covered one of the four themes presented in the launch carousel. I conceptualised and designed the campaign logo and motion graphic for the video series. It’s quite a simple, yet effective, motion design which shows a football shooting across the screen as the goal keeper dives across the screen, revealing the series title.​

Grassroots Team Illustration

Each episode of the video series is accompanied by an illustration/graphic post. The first episode saw the series host meet Baesianz FC, a London-based grassroots football team for women, trans & non-binary people of Asian heritage. One of the main themes of the video was the support that the team show each other on and off the pitch, I created an illustration to embody that theme, showing characters inspired by the team supporting each other on and off the pitch!​

Supporters Illustration

The second episode saw Sophie meeting the Arsenal Women's Supporters club to find out why they became fans and how they built a community around their love for the women's game! I created an illustration highlighting the theme of community and diversity in women's football fandom. ​

Jen Beattie MBE Graphic Post

In the third episode Sophie met Arsenal women’s Jen Beattie MBE, they explored her journey through the sport and what lies ahead for her future. I designed a quote card graphic post to accompany this episode, I was supplied with the imagery and copy by Mastercard. This post had the highest engagement rate of the campaign sitting at 8.82% ER.​