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Freeda x Tinder - Unexpected Connections

Unexpected Connections is a video campaign that I worked on at Freeda, in partnership with Tinder. The five part video series explores all the different ways of building connections, and the range of non-typical forms it can take. It celebrates the diversity that exists within this new world of modern dating, emphasising how Tinder is the safe place to explore all types of relationships. I designed the logo/title slate for this campaign. 


One of the key themes of this campaign was self discovery through the use of Tinder, a lot of the talent interviewed speak about their growth in confidence and learning more about themselves through going on dates and opening up to new experiences. I found this theme similar to themes presented in coming of age films, so I looked to a range of posters for coming of age films to get some visual inspiration for the series logo.​

Campaign Logo Design

I put together the series logo after gathering my research and experimenting with different compositions, colours and fonts in the development stages. I decided to go with the font Mencken as the font feels like it has a nostalgic aesthetic to it which really suited the self reflective themes of this project. I chose the light pink in Freedas brand guidelines because it added to the dreamy look I was going for. I then incorporated the required brand names and logos into the lockup.​

Motion Graphic

Finally I put together the motion graphic which was used across all five videos in the campaign. The animation is a subtle drop-down reveal of the text, I chose this because its soft and minimal, allowing the audience to focus of the face of the individual talent featured in the video, without creating distraction.​

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