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Future Streets

In my third year at University I worked on Future Streets, an animation in response to the RSA’s moving pictures brief. The brief asks creatives to produce an animation that will reveal, illuminate and increase accessibility to the audio excerpt "How to be a Good Ancestor" from philosopher Roman Krznaric. The brief states that the final submission should combine clarity, wit and attention to detail, aiming to make the content ‘come alive’ and introduce a new audience to the subject matter, and the work of the RSA and its partners.

The outcome that I produced in response to this brief is a minute long animated short called "Future Streets". My aim was to clearly communicate the effects that short and long term decisions have on the planet, as it is a focal point in the audio excerpt. I chose to visualise these effects using two streets as visual metaphors, Long Term Lane and Short Term Street. Despite the subject matter of the audio excerpt feeling quite serious I tried to approach the project with a sense of humour and colourful, stylised visuals to keep the audience engaged.

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