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On White Space In Graphic Design

On White Space in graphic designs is a project I worked on whilst studying at university back in 2018, the assignment was to produce two double page spreads around the assigned piece of text, which was an article by Keith Robertson titled "On White Space in Graphic Design" originally published in Emigre no.26 in 1990.

Spread 01

The first spread is an opening spread to the article. There is an introductory paragraph before the title of the article. The stripes that frame the title on the first page carry over onto the second page, each stripes acts as a bullet point for the points made in the second paragraph, the stripes from top to bottom are longer from left to right, creating flow across the second page, leading the readers eyes down to the third paragraph.

Spread 02

The second spread expands on the concept of white space in graphic design and frames the white space as the subject matter on the page. A new title opens the page, followed by a block of white space, a paragraph and pull quote. The second page is set into two columns and balances the white space in the adjacent column. I also carried the stripe motif over onto the second spread to create continuity across the article.

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